Toyota Corolla Cross H2 Concept is a real hydrogen combustion car 

It’s not a false story Toyota Corolla Cross H2 is really a hydrogen combustion car. The Corolla Cross H2 Concept is a prototype hydrogen-powered road car made by Toyota engineers. Toyota was able to create a Corolla Cross H2 hydrogen prototype that can carry 5 passengers and their luggage by fitting the 1.6l 3-cylinder turbo engine from the GR Corolla with high-pressure hydrogen direct injection engine technology from motorsport activity and adding the hydrogen tank packaging know-how from Mirai.

Key benefits of the hydrogen combustion car

The capability of hydrogen combustion to make use of already existing technologies for internal combustion engines, rapid refueling times, and a clear reduction in the use of and necessity for elements with limited supply such as lithium and nickel are among the most important benefits of hydrogen combustion.

According to Toyota, the combustion of hydrogen might more quickly lead to solutions for global carbon reduction that are also easily accessible, provided that existing technologies are adapted and existing investments are further leveraged.

Toyota GR Corolla H2 has started to compete

This year, Toyota has competed in all of the Super Taikyu endurance events in Japan with the hydrogen combustion GR Corolla H2 through the Rookie Racing squad.

¬†During this time period, Toyota President Akio Toyoda has taken the wheel in every race under the master-driver alias “Morizo” in order to analyze and contribute to the development of the team’s strategies. Source

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