Toyota And Lexus Cars use Google for speech-to-text on future models

After years of waiting for an update, Toyota updated the infotainment system due to collaboration with Google Cloud. Infotainment system – a system that provides a combination of entertainment and information for an enhanced in-vehicle experience.

Cars equipped with the latest infotainment systems already use Google-based speech-to-text services.

Toyota updated the infotainment system

New Toyota will have AI-based speech services

Now Toyota and Lexus will be equipped with new systems that will have AI-based speech services.

As well as several 2023 models coming with this new technology, including the Toyota Tundra, Corolla and Sequoia, and Lexus models including the new NX, RX, and RZ.

For example, you can now use your Tundra off-road without cell service. Toyota calls it Speech On-Device. Additionally, Google and Toyota say that the quality will be comparable to when you have a solid connection to the cloud. More at

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