Tips for Starting Your Motorcycle After Winter Storage

a motorcycle left outside in winter

After winter storage, it’s not unusual for motorcycles to have starting issues. There are several potential causes for this problem and some simple steps that you can take to address the issue.

One possible cause is a dead battery. Cold temperatures can deplete battery power, making it hard or impossible to start the motorcycle. To resolve this, you can jump-start the battery or charge it with a battery charger.

a motorcycle left outside in winter
Photo by Aykut AktaƟ

Another potential cause is stale or contaminated gasoline. Gasoline can deteriorate over time, particularly if it includes ethanol, which can attract moisture. This can result in a clogged fuel system, preventing the motorcycle from starting. You can fix this issue by draining the fuel tank and replacing it with fresh gasoline.

Using the incorrect oil or oil that has thickened and become less fluid in cold temperatures can also cause starting problems in motorcycles. Motorcycles usually require a specific type of oil designed for high engine temperatures and pressures. If you use the wrong oil, it may not provide adequate lubrication, leading to engine damage or starting failure.

Cold temperatures can make the oil less fluid, making it difficult for it to reach all engine components, resulting in poor lubrication and making it difficult for the motorcycle to start.