The mini-vehicle Nissan Sakura wins Japan Car of the year 2022-2023

Recently, Nissan made the announcement that the all-electric Sakura mini-vehicle has been awarded the title of 2022-2023 Japan Car of the Year. Nissan has now triumphed in this competition a total of six times. The Nissan Sakura was also the winner of the Kei Car of the Year award, which is an honour bestowed solely upon vehicles in the mini-vehicle category. In addition, the X-Trail sport utility vehicle took home the award for Technology Car of the Year.

As an entry-level electric vehicle (EV) in the mini-vehicle market, the Sakura provides features that are advantageous in terms of cost.

Additionally, it received high marks for its daily driving range of up to 150 kilometres with a cruising speed of 120 kilometres. Additionally deserving of the award was its high level of handling stability as well as its cabin’s low level of noise.

Nissan Sakura is the best mini-vehicles

The Nissan Sakura is an electric vehicle (EV), and as such, it possesses the instantaneous power, silky smoothness, and quietness that are characteristic of EVs.

The rapid and consistent acceleration offered by the Sakura, which comes courtesy of its cutting-edge control technology and its motor that generates 47 kW and 195 Nm of torque, makes it a breeze to merge onto highways. 

The technology that Nissan has developed over the course of more than a decade in the course of its development of the LEAF has enabled the Sakura to have the highest level of cabin quietness that can be found in the class of mini-vehicles.

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Test drive Nissan Sakura on VR

Nissan coincided with the real-world release of its Japan-market all-electric mini-vehicle, the Nissan Sakura, with an unveiling in the metaverse. Nissan also created a special world called Nissan Sakura Driving Island for VRChat users all over the world to virtually test drive and even charge the EV

We could have displayed the VR vehicle in a higher resolution. But that requires a higher-quality PC, which not everyone has. We wanted to make the experience accessible to as many people as possible. Just like what we aim for with our physical products.” Ultimately, it’s about connection. “We aimed to create an experience where people can connect with not only with the Sakura, but also with each other

Haruna Ugai

As of this writing, there have been 13,000 users who have checked out Nissan Sakura Driving Island. “Many users are telling us just how surprised they are by the overall quality of the experience,” Nissan Sakura Driving Island’s creators said. To such an extent that one consumer made the decision to buy an actual Sakura after only virtually test-driving the vehicle! I sincerely hope that we will have the chance to interact in person someday. Here the link

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