Do Android Auto and Android Automotive OS are the same thing?

Android Auto and Android Automotive OS

Android Automotive OS (AAOS) is a version of Android OS that Google has customized to run in the car. While Google has unfortunately named these products with very similar-sounding names, they’re about as different as they could be. Android Auto is Google’s equivalent of Apple CarPlay – a projection solution that lets the phone “take … Read more

What does ADAS do to our cars? Amazing Software

car software driver assist system

The software transformation of cars is still in its early days, and it’s hard to predict how it will play out. But one possible outcome is that many automakers will end up offering cars with an amazing infotainment system  Today we are looking up to the tech that controls our cars, the basic ADAS or … Read more

Toyota And Lexus Cars use Google for speech-to-text on future models

toyota Toyota updated the infotainment system

After years of waiting for an update, Toyota updated the infotainment system due to collaboration with Google Cloud. Infotainment system – a system that provides a combination of entertainment and information for an enhanced in-vehicle experience. Cars equipped with the latest infotainment systems already use Google-based speech-to-text services. New Toyota will have AI-based speech services … Read more