Surprisingly Tesla wasn’t dealing with a Cheaper Electric Car

tesla logo electric car

As Elon Musk’s promises to bring us a cheaper electric car might happen next year. Throughout recent years, Tesla has been looking at making cheaper electric vehicles, however, the expansion and popularity of electric cars have prompted costs to go up all things being equal.
The automaker has been discussing a next-generation platform empowering a $25,000 electric car previously. At a certain point, Chief Elon Musk said that Tesla was expecting to deliver the cheaper vehicle when 2023.

However, Musk declared that Tesla wasn’t dealing with a cheaper electric car in 2022 as that car’s company interests moved to the Optimus robot and sloping up Model Y’s creation.

The Chief even proposed that cheaper electric vehicles probably won’t be in Tesla’s arrangements anymore because self-driving is bigger affecting expenses per mile.

During the phone call that followed the arrival of Tesla’s Q3 2022 monetary outcomes, Musk affirmed that it is still in the plans and that Tesla has moved its designing capacity to develop the next-generation EV platform that will empower cheaper electric cars: said the author