PROTON’s SUVs Prove to be a Hit in South Africa, Shipping 1,000 Units to Meet Demand

Since returning to South Africa after a ten-year absence in September 2022, Malaysia carmaker PROTON has quickly gained a significant presence in the country due to the popularity of its Proton X50 and Proton X70 models. The company has shipped 1,000 units of these vehicles to South Africa in order to meet demand and is targeting to double sales volume in 2023.

Proton X50 and Proton X70 drive success for Malaysia carmaker in South Africa

PROTON has appointed the CMH Group as its distributor in South Africa and has been actively promoting its vehicles on social media and expanding its distribution network to increase access to the market.

While only PROTON’s SUVs are currently offered in South Africa, the Proton Saga will be added to the range in 2023. PROTON’s export sales have also continued to grow in 2022, with Pakistan being the largest market and South Africa coming in as the second largest. The Proton Saga is the most popular model, followed by the Proton X70, while the Proton X50 is in third place but has seen a threefold increase in year-to-date sales. Source Proton

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