Make Your Tires Last Twice with these hacks

How long does a tire last?

When you go to the store of course they say that you need a new tire, so how exactly to know how long a tire lasts? Well, to tell exactly the real tire lifespan there is no way because it depends on how you drive your car, how well the quality of the tire is, the road you daily used, and your luck(sometimes there is a sharp object on the road). Despite that, everyone can check their own tire before deciding to change it. If everything goes well for you the can last ten years.

how to check the tire age

If you looking for the DOT number it is on your sidewall. There is 4 digit on the tire, for example, 1120 – means the 11th week of 2020.

If you are currently trying to figure out how to read the DOT code on tires, here are three tips:

  • The first two digits of the code represent the week of production during the year (from 1 to 52)
  • The second two digits represent the year of manufacture
  • If your DOT code is a 3-digit number, it means your tire was produced before 2000

And you should do yourself every day, every week, every month, and years are

  1. check air pressure

2. check the thread

-simply take the penny upside-down and put Lincoln’s head in the tire tread

-Lincoln’s head is pretty well cover-up

-in that case, the tread is still deep

car tire

3. check the crack

-check the sidewall if any spot of crack you should consider changing the tire

how to make your tire last longer

Scotty Kilmer tells the 5 life hacks that will make your tires last twice as long