How To Use The Choke Lever To Get Your Motorcycle Running

Difficulty starting a motorcycle in the morning. Often, the issue is with the fuel, which may not be flowing correctly or reaching the engine. Even if the engine is turned on, without fuel burning, it won’t start.

Motorcycle That Won’t Start In The Morning

Troubleshooting A Motorcycle That Won't Start In The Morning

Thankfully, manufacturers have provided a solution in the form of the choke lever. You can find it on the left side of the motor handle. To use it, pull the choke lever if you’re experiencing difficulty starting the engine in certain situations, such as in the morning, at night, or in cold weather. However, once the engine starts, remember to turn off the choke lever to avoid problems with the spark plug.

To make starting your motorcycle in the morning easier, you can change the carburetor setting, but this will increase fuel consumption. Alternatively, you can use the choke system to save gasoline. If the engine still won’t start, there may be another issue, and it’s best to seek the assistance of a mechanic.

These are the main steps that motorcycle riders can take to troubleshoot a motorcycle that won’t start in the morning.