How to make a purple color for painting your motorcycle

How to make a purple color– If you plan to paint your motorcycle, you can purchase any paint colors at paint stores; they can even make whatever colors you desire. Take the color sample and give it to them right away. But this is the fundamental understanding of how to mix paint colors to create, say, a purple for painting your motorcycle.

How to create a purple by combining several hues

How to make a purple color by mixing blue and red

Like me, the customer wants to paint his motorcycle purple, but my shop doesn’t have that color. As a result, purchasing a new paint means more budget for me. Luckily, I already have some blue and red paint on hand, and I remembered that mixing blue and red makes purple. That has seriously saved my budget.

That’s all; you can create purple without having to purchase it. Simply add extra red to the blue paint to get a deep purple. Highway star…..

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