Symptoms of Motorcycle Burning Oil and How to Detect Them

The issue of a motorcycle burning oil is a common problem seen in repair shops. It is often detected when changing the engine oil, as there will be a significant reduction in oil volume compared to the last time it was replaced, or the oil may even be completely gone.

There are several reasons for a motorcycle to burn oil, including:

  • Oil seal leakage
  • Gasket leak
  • Internal combustion leakage
  • valve seal leakage (only applicable to 4-stroke engines)
  • Wear on the cylinder block
  • Piston ring gap widening

The Symptoms Of Motorcycle Burning Oil

There are several symptoms of an engine that is burning oil. One of the most obvious signs is a decrease in engine oil. Additionally, you may notice white smoke coming from the exhaust, like a 2-stroke engine, even if your motorcycle has a 4-stroke engine. This is a clear indication that the motorcycle is burning oil.

Oil loss when you checked

Oil loss can also be caused by a variety of other factors, such as an oil seal or gasket leak. A leaking oil seal will cause the oil level to slowly decrease and may leave oil stains on the ground. A gasket, made of paper or thin metal, is used to cover cracks in the engine to prevent oil leakage. If the gasket is leaking, it can cause the oil level to drop and eventually run dry.

The results of Motorcycle Oil Burning

If the piston ring gap widens, it can also cause oil loss. Oil can escape through the gap in the piston ring and enter the combustion chamber, causing the oil level to quickly decrease if the ring or cylinder block wall is severely worn. In this case, the engine will need a top overhaul, which to replace the piston rings.

If the engine runs without oil

If the engine runs without oil, it can cause serious damage. And this is what I’m going to share with you today:

This is from my customer’s bike. he ignored changing the oil schedule and even never check the engine oil.

The result of motorcycle burning oil

This is about the effects of running a motorcycle engine without oil. I’ve seen firsthand how damaging it can be. In this case, the engine had to be disassembled for a top overhaul after the connecting rod suffered damage.

The connecting rod on the crankshaft was no longer able to function properly because the rod bearing had broken, causing it to become stuck and unable to rotate. This is similar to a piston becoming stuck in the cylinder block. If this happens, you won’t be able to start the engine.

This issue occurred because there was less flow of oil to the bearing rod and bush rod, causing the bearing to rub roughly against the bush. Over time, this can cause the ball-bearing nest to break. It’s important to take care of your motorcycle and make sure it has the necessary oil to prevent issues like this from occurring.


To prevent these issues, it is important for motorcycle owners to regularly check their engine oil levels and address any issues promptly. It is also important to remember to check the oil level before riding. A small decrease in oil is normal for a motorcycle engine, but if there is a significant drop in oil level or visible oil leakage, further inspection is necessary

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