ExxonMobil and INNIO Collaborate to Develop Jenbacher N Oil 40 Lubricant

ExxonMobil and INNIO have developed a long-life lubricant, Jenbacher N Oil 40, formulated to meet the evolving needs of Jenbacher natural gas engines. The product’s advanced performance has been proven through over 8 million hours of operation in more than 800 units, demonstrating an ability to extend oil drain intervals by up to two times, reduce waste oil disposal costs, increase engine reliability, promote productivity, and avoid unscheduled maintenance.

Jenbacher N Oil 40 The Advanced Engine Lubricant

The lubricant’s exceptional wear protection and detergent properties have the potential to help reduce life-cycle costs by up to 30%, supporting operators in the generation of reliable, efficient power.

Through data mining, maintenance reports, and oil analytics, ExxonMobil and INNIO are using insights to develop new solutions to meet engine customers’ evolving needs and challenges. Dr.

Jenbacher N Oil 40

Andreas Kunz, CTO at INNIO Group, believes that the combination of ExxonMobil’s lubrication expertise and INNIO’s technology know-how can help power plant operators enhance operational reliability, productivity, and sustainability ambitions wherever they are in the energy transition. Jenbacher N Oil 40’s base oil and additive combination help stabilize Total Base Number (TBN) retention, allowing operators to rely on long oil drain intervals and extended oil condemning limits without compromising the protection of critical engine parts. Viscosity grade: SAE 40

Source: https://www.dieselgasturbine.com/news/innio-exxonmobil-release-lubricant-results/

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