Suzuki TXR150 – the Iconic Panther Model

Hey, have you heard of the Suzuki TXR150 motorcycle? They were all the rage in the 1990s, especially in Malaysia. The TXR150 came out at the same time as its twin, the TXR150 Gamma. The Gamma had a bigger gas tank and some subtle design differences on the front fairing and tail.

It’s interesting to note that the TXR150 Gamma is actually a reissue of the Suzuki Panther 150 from the 1980s. They’re basically the same bike, just with a different paint job to make it look fresh.

The only major update to the Gamma model was the electrical system, which used a 12v coil instead of a 6v coil like the Panther.

Suzuki TXR 150 Gamma
Suzuki TXR Gamma
Suzuki TXR Panther
Photo: En Kenangan

Panther Jerung

By the way, did you know that the Panther model had two different versions? There was the original Suzuki Panther and then there was the Panther Jerung, which had a cool shark-like head design. The Jerung also had a longer, semi-full front fairing, unlike the small fairing on the original Panther.

RG150 Sprinter, RGV 150SS, Panther Jerung

Suzuki Panther Jerung
Photo: Park Hum Noi

The Suzuki TXR150 series was marketed under different names in different countries, like the RG150 Sprinter, RGV 150SS, and Panther Jerung. But no matter what it was called, it was a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts in the 90s.

All in all, the Suzuki TXR150 series is still remembered fondly by many today. It’s a classic line of motorcycles that made a big impact on the motorcycle world, and it’s interesting to see how it evolved from the original Panther model.

Suzuki TXR Gamma Restoration.

A few days ago, I finished restoring the TXR Gamma. It was an easy and affordable project that included a color change from green to purple and a few part replacements.

Regarding the engine, I only swapped out the clutch plates and the piston, leaving the rest untouched.

Suzuki TXR Gamma Restoration.

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